How To Massively Grow Your Cash By 50% - Exactly After 30 Days Without Fear Of Your Money Getting Lost.

Discover A New Investment Program In Nigeria That Have Been Changing Lives & Finances of Nigerians Worldwide


Dear Friend

I am sorry to tell you, you are late to the party.  But there is still hope, as the program is still on and you can still benefit massively from it.

I first heard about this great program some months ago on Nigeria's largest forum Nairaland. A user was talking about a program where you can invest a certain amount of money and get 50% of your investment after 30 days.

I waived it off as one of those High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) out there to rip Nigerians of their hard earned money.

If you are already convinced about joining this program and don't want to read this page. Then click the image below to start up and register immediately.

All the members in my church including our pastor have stated that the program was real, so as an investor and risk taker. I decided to try out the business. I decided to invest 300,000 naira, let me see if I will get the 50 percent profit of the income as promised by the company. Just like my pastor has told me.

*Introduction to Helping Cycle Business*

Helping Cycle - is a mutual financial aid network, where people provide money as help directly to each other through automatic Private Offices via internet with a growing interest of 50% in 30 days. The Power of Giving lets you receive 23 times more than you gave to others in a year!!! It is an American company founded by Peter Dirk.

 For example If you provide NGN100,000 today then after 30 days you can receive help in the amount of NGN150,000 ! Plus you can also earn a referral and leader bonuses for 10% or the Provided help of your referral for your first downline and so on!
For example:
1) When you register on Helping Cycle, you are qualified to receive signup bonuses ranging from 5,000 or 10,000 or 30,000 depending on the amount of help you provide.
2) Another way to make money from Helping Cycle is if you invite a friend to Helping Cycle - you will receive 10% bonus from any money he invested in the program. For example if he invested NGN100,000 you will receive NGN10,000.

Once you are registering on the website, the system automatically detects your location from your IP address and selects your currency for you based on your country. So if you are registering from Nigeria, your currency will be Naira and if you are registering from Europe, your currency will be Euros.

The image above is a feel of how the Helping Cycle platform looks.

Before I proceed, let me explain and demystify the 50 percent profit coming from Helping Cycle. Please Be Patient & Read to the End.

*DEMYSTIFIED- 50% Profit How to Understand It*

Its important you all understand this concept so much that you can easily explain it to others.
Let's look at it from this practical point of view, 99% of us here have bank account. Right? Good.
We put our money in the bank because we Trust its safe there What do u think is the % of people who put their money in Banks?
Do you know How many % of people in Nigeria has an account with First Bank?
Yes you guess right! Let's say 70% of Nigerians.

That's about more than 50 million Nigerians. And among these people are
-The Poor
-Middle class
-Business men

Among this set of people are those who deposit their money in bank at different intervalsand different amount.

And they withdraw at different intervals and different amount. That means If you deposit 200k, another person deposit 1 million, another deposit 2,000 another deposit 500k, whenever you are withdrawing your 200k, Someone's elsewhere is depositing a huge amounts. To supplement your 200k withdrawal. And this circle continues on and on.
And because of the population of people using the bank and different set of cash and different time of deposit and withdrawal, there is 100% chances that you must get your money withdrawn whenever you need it anytime you go to bank to withdraw money

That's the principle Helping Cycle is also using.
Its called Crowd Funding, the power of crowd funding, banks and all financial institutions use this principle. That is why the owner of these banks are filthy rich.
Where do you think the bank gets money they loan out? (yes our money). You evidently give bank your money when you and all those who have account with the bank crowd fund (Depositing). Remember I want to make this more practical.

Look at this illustration, you have 1 million naira, you decided to go to the bank and  put it in a fixed deposit account with interest of 12% per year. You are happy as u leave the bank!
The business man comes and request to use your 1 million Naira for business, and the same bank charges him 35% interest. He agrees and borrows the money and went on to do his business with your money to make profit. He makes his profit and comes back to the bank and pays the bank your 1 million that he borrowed +35% interest. At the end of the year you come smiling sheepishly and collect 12% Who is the fool among the 3?.
And who is the king?
They all get paid, but one of them is the king, one of them is a chief and one of them is the palace servant. The Bank is the king, the businessman is the chief and you are, I'm sorry to say

Now the bank collects our money and they loan it out to the businessmen and they make lots of profit to pay their staff and continue running their bank. The bank owner and bank manager enriches their life, and what happens to you the depositor? You get Nothing Not even 1% of your deposit.
Now Helping Cycle says NO, because of this unfair financial system. The founders of this great platform thought it necessary to look at the financial system and they realized that the banks survive because of the continuous deposit and withdrawal of cash at different intervals
And because of the population of people who have an account with the bank. Helping Cycle came to the conclusion that even the bank with this principle can be able to give us 50% of our money monthly but they won't do it, because they are greedy and they don't care about the masses. All they care about is debiting us with different charges and giving us poor or no interest at all.

The principle of crowding funding enables the bank to even give us more interest on our money monthly and nothing will happen. It won't wreck them or cause them any harm, but because of the unfair financial system in place they will never do it.

Helping Cycle realized that if we can come together like the population of those with bank accounts, if we can copy the same principle the bank and financial institutions use to flourish we can do a lot for ourselves.

All it takes is just the redistribution of cash flows and that is the ideology in Helping Cycle.

The system provides that redistribution and with a great community with the same goal and mindset it can be wholly achieved.
Are you getting where I am heading to?

Because people deposit at different time intervals the banks lives on
Because people donate cash (provide help) in Helping Cycle at different time intervals, helping cycle lives on.
Because people withdraw from the bank at different times too, the banks lives on.
Because people withdraw (get help) in Helping Cycle at different times, helping cycle lives on.
Because of the influx of deposits and withdrawals. The regular Provide Help and Get Help, there will always be 50% to Pay to everyone.

Because of regular deposit and withdrawal at different times of different amounts, there must always be money to withdraw in banks.
What if everyone match to bank and withdraw their money same time, same day what do you think will happen? Bank will collapse
Same thing in Helping Cycle, if every one get help (withdraw) at the same time Helping Cycle won't stand for long.So its our responsibility to keep this community strong through regular provide help and get help. The same principle that holds the Banks holds Helping Cycle.

Helping Cycle is an opportunity that I believe everyone should seize now. Its better for your money to be working for you, than for it to be sleeping in the bank  growing dust and the bank trade with your money and keep the profit
Join the moving train now, invest your cash in Helping Cycle today.

I invested a total of 300k on the Helping Cycle Platform,

I requested to provide help (deposit) on the 8th of December. I got matched on the 13th of December with to people to invest the 300k on. (Provide Help). I paid out the 300k on the 14th of December 2016. A day after.

On the Helping Cycle Platform, there are two important things you need to note. And they are Provide Help and Get Help. Let me break it down.

Provide Help - Simply means you want to invest and deposit a certain amount of money. In my case, it was 300k.

Get Help- Simply means you want to withdraw your funds on Helping Cycle.

The good thing about Helping Cycle is that your profit starts counting from the day you decide to provide help. The profit starts counting from the day you decided to provide help. In my case, my interest started counting on the 8th of December, the same day I requested to provide help. You get 1.67% per day. 1.67 x 30 days is 50% per month. So that implies that by 8th of January, I will withdraw my 300k+ 150,000 profit from the Platform.

check this out...



My money grew to N450k in 30 days and I cashed out immediately. I was merged with 2 different participants to pay me the cash and they all did within 48hours.

If anyone of them failed to pay, he/she would be blocked and I will be merged with another person to pay the money within 48hours. I also received 20% sign up bonus which the company give to everyone.


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Registering on this platform is quite easy and straight forward and I am going to work you on the steps of the business registration so you can start immediately. The first thing to do is to click here.

Once you click on the link above, it will take you to the Helping Cycle website which looks like this below. Endeavour to use the right link, as there are a lot of fraudstars trying to clone the Helping Cycle website these days. See a pictorial description of the registration process

Once you click on registration, you will see a page like this one below. All you have to do is to start filling in your correct details

If you were not referred by anybody, leave that field blank. Same thing with the Bitcoin address. Leave it blank if you don't have. As soon as you register, you can start immediately. A confirmation email, will be sent with your account details in a case where you forget your details in the future, you can just check your mail for your account information. The next thing to do is to login to your account, and the next step will be to add your bank details to your Helping Cycle account.



You will see a page like this to edit and update your profile. Bank details, Country etc. Fill in your bank details and click on "Update Profile"

That's it.

The next thing is to click on the green button "Provide Help" and enter the amount you wish to donate without comma. Just like in the image below.

You will receive an email in your mailbox once you have been matched. Giving you 48 hours to provide the help. Please endeavour to meet the time limit, so you wont get your account blocked. There is no specific period or time for matching, just be alert as it may take about 3-5 days depending on the system.


GOOD NEWS: There is no central account where your money goes to. The money will be paid to other participants who have provided help and now request for help too. You shall be paying into a local account of a fellow Nigerian. Depending on the amount of money you are giving out. The can range from 1person to several people that you will pay to. This will sum up t the amount you are giving out. I have once had experience of paying to 3different people the sum of N300,000


Another good one is that, your money start growing from the day you set up to provide help like above. Even if it takes 30days before you were given people to pay to, your money would have fully grow by the number of days (1% per day growth) and you may request to get help too immediately if the days have been up to 15days since you created the order to provide help.




When making a mobile or online transfer from your account or any other account, just ensure you write under the space for description or reference. Its a smart move to write something like "Payment of 600k on Helping Cycle from Alex Okeke to Bisi Ajisafe". Or you can use your own format composed by you.

After the payment, take a snapshot of the transaction and that's what you will upload as proof of payment done. In fact, you can call the person to ascertain if he gets the payment and request he confirms your upload for you.

If you make payment to the bank, just snap the teller you used in payment and upload to proof your payment. Call the person you paid to so as to fast track the confirmation from his end.







Helping Cycle System still works, I call it an opportunity not a fulltime business. The funds you make from Helping Cycle should be invested in your offline business or any other places you deem fit.

VERY IMPORTANT:  It's against the rule of Helping Cycle to have more than one account. So, please ensure you do not have more than a single account and all your activities should be done in that single account to avoid being blocked. They are very strict about this. You can provide help as many times in a month as you want from a single account.



Alex Okeke.